Build your financial future with ASM Financial Planning

Why take financial advice?

Financial Planning can be complicated and our aim is to help you make sense of it all.  If you engage us we will steer you through the maze of legislation, financial products and taxation by providing you with the most appropriate advice for your circumstances now and, if you agree, in future years.

Why take advice from ASM Financial Planning?

We are a proactive firm of advisors providing impartial and honest advice. Our reputation has been built on providing straightforward and jargon free advice to both individuals and businesses.  Most of our client relationships have been built over a period of years and this allows us to help our clients achieve their financial goals by providing appropriate advice as their circumstances change. Our recommendations are clear, concise and easy to understand.

What is the benefit to our clients?  The benefit is clear financial direction.  To achieve this we need to have a full understanding of your financial position, needs, wants and aspirations to enable us to identify your short, medium and longer term objectives.  This enables us to provide suitable solutions for you now which can be adjusted as your plans or your life changes. 

Are we Independent or Restricted advisors?

We continue to provide Independent Financial Advice as we believe this is in the best interests of our clients.  We regularly review our advice processes to ensure that they are compliant, consistent and we endeavour to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.  We base our recommendations on the most appropriate course of action for your particular circumstances.  We do not have any restrictions on the financial advice which we provide on investment products.

If you click on the Latest News tab at the top of this page you can find a copy of our Client Agreement which details the different types of advice which we can provide you with, our advice processes, ongoing service options and details of our remuneration options together with your rights as a consumer.

Latest news

We regularly issue updates on investment markets, legislative changes to regulated products and taxation issues.  These can be accessed by clicking on the Latest News tab above or by following any of the links.

"Bitcoin is beginning to make the South Sea bubble episode in the 1720s look like a small blip in the share price.  Since the start of 2017 to November it has risen from $1,000 to $6,500.  In the space of a month since then it has soared to $11,380, plunged back to sub $9,000, and in phoenix like fashion, risen again to $11,800 as of Sunday 3rd December..."

Please click on the link below to read more information on our full December 2017 investment update.

Market Update - December 2017




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